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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Raclette, Switzerland

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Raclette, Switzerland

What is it? Raclette refers to the dish, and the item in the dish – basically it’s a cheese dish to end all cheese dishes.

Where can you get it? Switzerland, the home of delicious melted cheeses.

(Photo: Andrew McFarlane/Flickr)

What’s in it? So raclette is a type of cheese made from fresh cow’s milk which is commonly used for melting. The dish, which is confusingly also called raclette, is made from melting the cheese and serving it with potatoes, gherkins, pickled onions and a side of dried meat like ham or prosciutto. The melted cheese must be carefully scraped onto the dish for it to be considered true raclette. 

Is it good for you? If you can stomach dairy, then yes. This is one big fat cheesy dish that you’ll definitely be wanting seconds of – seriously, who can say no to melted cheese?

How much does it cost? Prices usually vary by the size of the wheel of cheese, but are pretty on par with a fancy cheddar.


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