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Macca’s Just Added A Whole Lot More Cheese To Their Menu And We’ll Take It All

Macca’s Just Added A Whole Lot More Cheese To Their Menu And We’ll Take It All

If there is a single ingredient that can improve anything it’s added to, it’s cheese. Think about it. Plain bread? Better with cheese. Cauliflower? Better with cheese. Fondue? Better with cheese. Mac and cheese? Better with even more cheese. You get it, the proof is undeniable and I rest my case.

Which is why it’s always good news when a food joint introduces more cheese into their menu, and why we’re especially glad to her about the McDonald’s Cheesy range launching today.

Image: Provided / McDonald’s Australia

What is it?

The most important thing you need to know is that Mozzarella Sticks are back. They were a huge hit when they were first introduced last year, so Macca’s have brought them back and added a new tomato chilli dipping sauce.

The Cheesy range also includes two new burgers, both featuring a whole lot of cheese. The first is the Cheesy Beef Burger, featuring a 100 percent Aussie beef patty plus the brand new cheesy patty — no, it’s not just the slice of cheese you’re used to — with tomato chilli jam and crisp lettuce.

The Cheesy Chicken Burger is basically the same deal, exchanging beef for a 100 percent Aussie chicken patty. I mean, just look at these cheesy-arse promo pics — everyone is having a good time.

Image: Provided / McDonald’s Australia

“The newest burgers on our menu are a cheesy twist on some of our customers’ Macca’s favourites,” said Jo Feeney, Marketing Director at McDonald’s Australia, in a statement.

“Our cheese patty is the perfect combination of melty cheeses including parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella, made from 100% Australian milk.”

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When can I get it?

The Cheesy range is available from today at your nearest Macca’s, however it’s only hanging around for a limited time so get to it.

I might be vegetarian, but I assure you I’m still looking forward to levelling up my ‘Cheeseburger, no meat’ lazy day order.

(Lead Image: Provided / McDonald’s Australia)

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