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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Khachapuri

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Khachapuri

What is it? Cheese + bread + an egg = the greatest snack you’ve ever heard of.

Where can you get it? Khachapuri is a traditional dish from Georgia, where the Georgian people rank it higher than pizza (big call, but wait ’til you taste this thing).

(Photo: Jaqeli/Wikimedia Commons)

What’s in it? There’s many different ways to make a khachapuri, depending on where in Georgia you go. The basic recipe (and shape) is a circluar piece of bread that’s filled with cheese (most commonly the sour suluguni) and egg. Some add potato, some make it more like a calzone, and there’s even a variety that looks more like a sauceless lasagna with multiple layers of bread and cheese. De-lish.

Is it good for you? It’s carb city, so probably not.

How much does it cost? Free if you get a local to make it for you!

(Photo: Thomas Cizauskas/Flickr)
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