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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Gelato Donut

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Gelato Donut


What is it? Something so simple, so smart and so tasty we’re kicking ourselves we didn’t think of it first – a doughnut stuffed with tasty gelato.

Where can you get it? Glorious gelato chain Gelatissimo will be serving up these delightful treats Australia-wide from September 9. SO SOON.


What’s in it? Basically what it says on the box – a fresh warm doughnut with the filling of your choice. Gelatissimo’s flavours are pretty spesh too, so give Chocolate Truffle, Cookies and Cream or Raspberry Sorbet a go.

Is it good for you? This masterful stroke of genius is probably okay if you limit yourself to just one, but just try to say no to three more of these.

How much does it cost? $5 each – and you know these’ll be tastier than any ice-cream sandwich you get at the milk bar.


(Images: Gelatissimo/Facebook)

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