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Australia’s Best Young Minds Will Descend On Canberra In November

Australia’s Best Young Minds Will Descend On Canberra In November

Our mates over at have just launched their biggest, most ambitious project yet.

Proudly supported by Qantas, JUNKET is an “unconference” that will bring together 200 of Australia’s best and brightest young minds to talk over the issues affecting Australia today, all with the wonderfully lofty aim of setting the agenda for Australia’s future.

So what’s an “unconference”? JUNKET is invite only, meaning you can’t buy your way into the event – you need to earn it with your ideas – and instead of there being a set agenda, any Junket delegate can pitch a topic for discussion, and all the delegates then vote on which ideas will make it onto the agenda.

The delegates come from a wide range of different interests, cultures, identities and fields of expertise — entertainment, music, medicine, advocacy, business, engineering fashion, politics, tech, media, and everything in between — and will come from all around Australia to Canberra’s QT Hotel between November 1 and 3.

Watch the video below for more on what Junket is all about, or click here to visit the website.

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