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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Fresh Strawberry Donuts

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Fresh Strawberry Donuts

What is it? Doughnuts stuffed with fresh strawberries. So simple, so sweet, so yuuuuuuuum.

Where can you get it? These babies are the pride of Glendora, California and you can get them at The Donut Man, a 24 hour doughnut shop in east Los Angeles.


What’s in it? A large soft golden glazed doughnut is stuffed with fresh strawberries and then smothered with The Donut Man’s signature strawberry glaze – it’s dangerously delicious. They even recommend grabbing a fork to eat it with – things will get messy.

Is it good for you? Well, the fresh strawberries are okay, but maybe not the fried doughnut or glaze. Sorry!

How much does it cost? $4USD or $5.59AUD. So worth it.

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