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Cute Alert: This Hotel Has Dog Concierges

Cute Alert: This Hotel Has Dog Concierges

One of the hardest parts of travelling is having to leave your loved ones behind. Your friends, your family and – let’s be real, probably most importantly – your adoring pet. While taking your furry friends with you on holiday might be the way of the future, these days you might just have to settle for spotting a dachshund at the Eiffel Tower or a poodle in Central Park and politely asking their owner if you can hang with them for a minute without sounding too creepy.


Who would have thought that a solution to our dog-loving woes was here all along?

There’s an international hotel chain that have their own “canine ambassadors” which, for all intents and purposes, means they have their very own dog concierges. It’s amazing.

Found in hip locations around the world like Bermuda, Bali and Barcelona, the swanky Fairmont Hotels & Resorts are, in their own right, excellent places to stay. Add onto that the fact that select hotels in the US and Canada have resident dogs and we’re 100 percent sold.

The canine ambassador service offers travellers who might be missing their pets at home the chance to hang out with the dogs in a variety of ways. You can take them for walks, have high tea with them, or just spend the afternoon delivering non-stop pats and belly rubs.


These hotel dogs can be found at a number of Fairmont Resorts including Fairmont Jasper Park, Fairmont Vancouver, Fairmont Pittsburg and Fairmont Lake Louise. Want to get to know some of the dogs? dogs There’s Jordy, a black Labrador Retriever who resides at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu, who you can take on scheduled walks and runs, and who also serves as a community liaison. Then there’s Beau, a yellow Lab from the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver. Beau was a former British Columbia Guide Dog trainee but it seems he was better suited to a life of social interactions as hotel ambassador. There’s also Catie, a black Labrador found at the Fairmont at Copley Plaza. Catie trained as a guide dog in New York and is an absolute delight with children – she’s even a mainstay at story hour at the Boston Public Library, where she’s the star of not one, but two children’s books.


(Lead image: left; fairmonthotels/Instagram, right; weekendpick/Instagram)

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