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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Banh Xeo

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Banh Xeo

Have you ever tasted something so delicious, so mind-bogglingly awesome that you immediately wanted to tell everyone you know about it? You’re not alone. Getting to taste unique offerings from around the world is probably the best part of travel, so there’s no shame in planning a whole trip around one special-looking dish, is there? Because you know in your heart of hearts that you’ve just gotta eat this.

What is it? ‘What isn’t it?’ is probably a better question considering this tasty Vietnamese foodstuff can serve as a vessel to countless fillings. It’s kind of like if a taco shell and a pancake had a baby, except even more delicious. Made from a mixture of coconut cream, rice flour and some binding agents, these delicious pancakes are served hot and usually stuffed with pork or prawn and vegetables.


Where can you get it? Native to Vietnam, these savoury pancakes are super popular there, as well as in a huge suite of Vietnamese restaurant throughout Australia, including a few places in Sydney and Melbourne that actually specialise in Banh Xeo. Try Que Huong in Sydney and Thanh Ha 2 in Melbourne.

What’s in it? The pancakes themselves are made of rice flour, water, coconut cream, turmeric, and salt. The batter is cooked in vegetable oil then stuffed with anything you like – although tradition usually calls for some kind of meat or seafood.

Is it good for you? I mean, it’s delicious, but it’s fried in a whole lot of oil.

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How much does it cost? In Vietnam, one serving will cost you around a dollar, depending on where you’re eating. Local Vietnamese restaurants usually serve them in sets of four or six – not unlike spring rolls – and prices vary.

(Lead image: Amy Ross/Flickr)

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