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A Pizza & Pasta Theme Park Is A Thing That Is Happening

A Pizza & Pasta Theme Park Is A Thing That Is Happening

Anyone who has been to New York and loves all things carbs would have been to Eataly before; it’s a huge market where fresh produce is cultivated, bought, prepared and enjoyed. Because Italians don’t do things in halves, there will now be an Eataly World in the heart of Bologna, where 10 acres are being turned into a gourmet amusement park. Mmm, heaven is a place in Italy.

The ambitious project will feature farmlands, restaurants, bars and markets and is expected to attract visitors from all over the world because nothing is as universal as pizza. Nothing.

The organisers of this glory anticipate upwards of six million visitors per year once the park opens. Guests will be able to get around via Bianchi tricycles because the folks at Eataly World obviously want you to stay forever.


There will be dozens of workshops per day, which will all use ingredients sourced from the 30 varieties of produce on site, which includes nine kinds of cows, five kinds of pigs, goats and sheep, as well as rabbits, geese and guinea hens. Available workshops will include cheesemaking, prosciutto ageing and beer brewing.

Eataly World will also feature virtual reality rides, a giant convention centre and a 200-room hotel to ensure waddling home after all the tastings is as easy as pie. Or should we say tiramisu?

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Eataly World is slated to launch in September 2017, and you can stay in the loop here.

(All images except lead: Eataly)

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