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You’ve Gotta Eat This: An Epic Bloody Mary, Perth

You’ve Gotta Eat This: An Epic Bloody Mary, Perth

What is it? It’s not your ordinary Bloody Mary – this one comes with bonus skewers full of food.


Where can you get it? At Mechanics’ Institute Bar in Perth, where weird and wonderful drinks are consumed on their awesome rooftop bar. These guys don’t take themselves too seriously, and it shows.

What’s in it? This isn’t your garden-variety Bloody Mary – the guys at Mechanics are experts at flavour explosions, with this one having just the right amount of everything.

The trademark here is the over-the-top garnishes – an extra special helping of celery, Frankfurt sausages, apple, lemon, some cherry tomatoes and even a cheeseburger for good measure. The burger comes with a beef patty, cheese, pickled gherkin and a healthy helping of tomato relish.

Is it good for you? It’s basically the perfect hangover cure, so it’ll be your saviour on Sunday morning if you’re feeling a little dusty.


(Images: Mechanics’ Institute Bar/Facebook)

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