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No Man Is An Island, But This Restaurant Is

No Man Is An Island, But This Restaurant Is

We don’t exactly know when it happened, but recently we’ve seen an influx of excellent floating bars popping up left, right and centre, and we want in. Today we’re going to introduce you to one of our recent favourites that at least, depending on the tides, appears to be floating – say g’day to The Rock.


Like its namesake Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, this equally as fabulous and sturdy ‘Rock’ is wow-ing audiences across the globe. OK, so it’s not actually a tribute to The Rock, but we reckon it’s not actually too late to make it one.

The Rock is found off the coast of Zanzibar Island in Tanzania, and it’s home to some of the most delicious beach-side food this side of Africa.

The restaurant was built on – you guessed it – a rock not too far from the shore of the picturesque Michanwi Pingwe beach in the Indian Ocean. In high tide, the small pocket of land becomes a veritable island, accessed by a wooden boat, or if you’re game, a quick swim from the shore. Climb up the rickety wooden staircase and grab a seat for an evening you’re unlikely to forget.

Serving lunch and dinner daily, the majority of the restaurant’s food is caught in the ocean beds that surround it. The small team of staff serve up fresh seafood with a hint of traditional African flavours. Throw it all down with a sample of local South African wines and you’ll be set.



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Be sure to book in advance as there’s only limited space on board.

(All images: The Rock Restaurant)

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