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Seven Of The World’s Coolest Floating Bars

Seven Of The World’s Coolest Floating Bars

It’s time to set sail – floating bars are popping up left, right and centre so there’s never been a better time to don that swimsuit and down that ice cold cocktail you craved all winter. Day drinking never looked so good. Take a peek at some of our favourite floating bars from across the globe – they’re guaranteed to make you thirsty.


#1 Cloud 9, Fiji

Image: Cloud 9 / Facebook

Let’s kick things off with the golden standard of floating bars – Cloud 9. This unique bar sits on a two-storey floating platform situated in the beautiful Mamanuca Island group, about 45 minutes from Port Denarau in Fiji. The bar is surrounded by warm turquoise water and views that’ll make you Instagram famous, at least for a day. Oh, and this place also makes a mean pizza. It’s pretty much what dreams are made of.


#2 The Island, Sydney

Image: The Island / Facebook

While there are plenty of hip, underrated bars on land in sunny Sydney, one of the coolest is actually a floating cabana bar right beside Sydney Harbour. The Island is an exclusive beach party for a couple hundred people out at sea – relax with tasty cocktails on the ocean-side deck chairs, enjoy a shimmy on the dance floor, and mingle with a bunch of sun-kissed people, all while enjoying some of the best views of that handsome harbour. It’s so Sydney it almost hurts.


#3 The Lagoon Bar, Iceland


You’ve heard about the Blue Lagoon, right? Iceland’s amazing geothermal spa that does all sorts of amazing and magical things to your skin? Well now you can throw in a refreshing beverage while you’re soothing what ails you at their Lagoon Bar.

You won’t even have to worry about bringing money – you can charge your drinks to your electronic entrance bracelet and pay when you leave. They almost make it too easy.

#4 TawHai Floating Bar, Negros Occidental, The Philippines

Image: TawHai Floating Bar, Lakawon Resort

The biggest floating bar in Asia is perfect for sundowners. You can even jump off the vessel into the surrounding waters. Lay back in one of the provided hammocks and enjoy.

#5 Jicoo Floating Bar, Japan

Image: Jicoo, The Floating Bar

So futuristic, so chic – this streamlined boat bar could only be found in one place: Tokyo, of course! The sleek Jicoo Floating Bar travels across Tokyo Bay from Hiriode Pier to Odaiba and serves up live music every Saturday night as well as some pretty killer panoramic views of the evening skyline.

#6 Badeschiff Berlin, Germany

Image: Badeschiff / Facebook

It’s a testament to how creative the people of Berlin are – swimming in the city’s main river was questionable so they created a pool that floats on the river instead. Badeschiff is a public pool moored on the River Spree with a wooden lounge deck, a man-made beach and an outdoor bar. The best bit of this slice of tropical paradise? It’s literally just minutes away from the CBD. Genius.

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#7 Grand Banks, New York City


Who knew New York City had an abundance of floating bars on the Hudson River? Our pick is the fancy oyster bar Grand Banks that bobs on Manhattan’s waterfront with its freshly harvested oysters, tasty cocktails and extra special views of the Big Apple. This bar is only open in summer, and be sure to nab a seat early – it fills up quickly.

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(Lead image: Cloud 9 / Facebook)

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