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You Can Water Slide Right Through A Shark Tank At This Hotel

You Can Water Slide Right Through A Shark Tank At This Hotel

There are many things in life that might scare the living hell out of you. Peering over the edge of this stairway to nothingness in the Austrian Alps, having a go on the world’s highest swing in New Zealand or sleeping in a pod hanging off the side of a cliff in Peru all rank highly, but this one might just take the cake. It’s a shark tank water slide.

Image: Les Haines / Flickr

The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino might seem innocuous from the onset – it’s decorated in typical “Vegas” garb, there’s a pretty large casino that runs all night and there’s a sweet outdoor pool. But if you look a little closer, you might realise there’s something terribly off about that outdoor pool – yep, there’s a shark tank in there.

Image: Ellie / Flickr

If you’re keen on taking those Vegas thrills to the next level, you’re invited to actually take a plunge through the shark tank via the hotel’s awesome three-storey water slide.

Image: Sarah Gerke / Flickr

Now don’t worry, it’s all incredibly safe. According to their website, the shark tank water slide is completely “secured” so it’s very unlikely you’ll be getting uncomfortably acquainted with these toothy fish. The drop is around nine metres and thanks to the transparent glass, you’re able to see right into the shark tank as you slide through it.



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Once you’ve plunged through the Shark Chute, you’re invited to check out the hotel’s behind the scenes Shark Tank tour as well, which gives you an inside scoop into the lives of these not-so-scary beasts.

Image: Tom Hilton /Flickr

As you’d well know, this isn’t the only crazy thing you can do in Vegas – check out five more extra things right here.

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(h/t roadtrippers, lead image: Jermil dotdotdot / Flickr)

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