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Would You Spend The Night In A Nest Made For Humans?

Would You Spend The Night In A Nest Made For Humans?

You might be wondering why on earth anyone would want to stay overnight in a nest made for humans. (We aren’t birds, after all.) But when your perch has access to some of the most stunning views on America’s rugged west coast, that nest looks a whole lot more inviting.

Looking like it’s been pulled straight from Where The Wild Things Are, the Human Nest at Treebones Resort is certainly a unique way to get close to nature. The resort is located in Big Sur, a stopover along the great Highway 1 between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Treebones is a premier glamping resort, with an array of campsites and yurts offering luxury amongst the great outdoors.

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The Human Nest is their pièce de resistance. Created and built by local artist Jayson Fann, this woven wood art structure sits slightly off the ground and is only accessible by a wooden ladder.

The twisted hideaway offers a unique sense of privacy and seclusion, with guests able to sleep under the stars in their very own wooden cradle.

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Inside the nest is a full sized futon mattress, with guests having to bring their own sleeping bags and pillows. The campsite beside it is equipped with a picnic table and there’s access to water nearby. Of course, sleeping beneath a tangle of sticks is only a good option if the weather permits so Treebones do recommend you bring your own tent to set up nearby in case it begins to rain.

The best part has to be the inimitable views you get from the inside. That’s gotta be the best way to greet the day.

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