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Las Vegas Is Getting A Live ‘Magic Mike’ Show

Las Vegas Is Getting A Live ‘Magic Mike’ Show

Gird your loins, ladies and gents, for the spectacle of the season has just been announced. Magic Mike Live is headed to Vegas, and it’s everything you never knew you wanted.

In just a fantastic piece of marketing that features both cute dogs and shirtless men, our main man Channing Tatum has today announced a Magic Mike live show will be coming to the Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel in March 2017.

As he so succinctly put it, “God knows we have enough Gentlemen’s Clubs in this world, so let’s start the first… Gentle-Ladies Club.” Amen, brother.

Speaking to, Tatum reveals a little more about what punters can expect from their Magic Mike Live experience. “We want to create a place for women that is their gentlemen’s club, their Playboy club. It shouldn’t be sleazy. [You shouldn’t feel] nervous to go there because you feel unsafe; we want to create the polar opposite of that.”

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No word yet on whether Channing and his buddies will be making an appearance, but in any case, bring your dollar bills, and enjoy the soothing sounds of Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ all night long.

Magic Mike Live will debut at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas in March 2017. Here for more.

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