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You Can Literally Walk On Water In Slovakia

You Can Literally Walk On Water In Slovakia

Two hikers captured this incredible video of a frozen glacial lake in the the High Tatras Mountains in Slovakia. The ice is so clear that as the photographer ventures on to it, it appears like he is walking over the lake’s surface.

The lake is called Veľké Hincovo Pleso and at 53 metres, it’s the deepest and largest mountain lake of its kind on the mountain range. Its surface remains frozen for around 270 days per year.

According to Reddit, the lake’s unclouded ice is due to the slow rate at which the lake has frozen. If the water freezes quickly, the crystal lattice of ice is distorted by impurities, but when it’s frozen slowly over time there is a chance to reject these impurities. Less defects equals the transparent ice you can see in the video.

I guess walking on water isn’t such an impossible task after all.

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