Taipei Has A Great Alternative To Nightclubbing

Here’s a great option for those travellers whose late-night lifestyle is more way more mild than wild.

The Eslite book chain has a 24-hour shop in Taipei and, every night, it’s packed with hipsters, bookworms and even families browsing the stacked shelves, many holding the fort between 10pm and the early hours of dawn.

(Photo: Lou/Flickr)

The store, which has around 40 other shops with typical opening and closing hours, has a free reading policy which means customers can sit with a book for as long as they like without having to buy it. Combine this with the nocturnal hangout’s provision of a food court, a wine cellar, a tea room, clothing boutiques and toy areas spread across its massive five stories and you’ll understand how Eslite is stretching the whole notion of what a book store can be.

Plus, it might be easier to chat to that special someone about your mutual love Vonnegut in the bookstore than over the stereo system in a crowded, loud nightclub.

(Lead image: Robyn Lee/Flickr)

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