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This European Town Wants To Build A Public Beer Fountain

This European Town Wants To Build A Public Beer Fountain

If bathing yourself in beer, or simply inhaling it through your skin wasn’t outlandish enough for you, the small town of Žalec, Slovenia is petitioning to get a fountain inserted in its town centre that will dispense beer year round. Alrighty then.


First a little backstory: about 50 minutes east of Žalec is another Slovenian town called Rogaška Slatina. Rogaška Slatina is known for a fountain in town that spurts free mineral water. In what seems like an effort to one-up Rogaška Slatina, the town of Žalec will be spending around €350,000 (about $534,000 AUD) to install a beer fountain in an effort to help with tourism.

The town is planning on offering a variety of local Slovenian beers on tap, with thirsty visitors having to put down six euros for a tasting paddle of top quality beers. You’ll also get a commemorative cup with donations that will do towards the project. So cool.

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