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This Almost $200 Cup Of Coffee From A Melbourne Cafe Is For Connoisseurs Only

This Almost $200 Cup Of Coffee From A Melbourne Cafe Is For Connoisseurs Only

It’s no secret that Aussies are a country of coffee snobs, and that Melbourne is the epicentre of that snobbery. That was even before one cafe started serving up a cup of java that costs almost $200.

I’ll be honest here, I do not like coffee, I think it tastes like arse and I wouldn’t even pay $2 for it, so I’m probably not the target audience. Still though, $200 seems a bit ridiculous for a caffeine fix?

To be fair, it’s not just regular coffee.

Gesha Cafe in Surrey Hills are the makers of this bougie coffee. It’s a Yuzo-style gesha coffee (thus, where the cafe’s name came from) that hails from the highlands of Panama. Apparently, the price tag is because it’s so bloody hard to grow and only a small amount gets produced.

Selling at $198 for just one cup, cafe owner Ken Taing told 7NEWS it’s “the most unique and beautiful coffee in the world”.

Honestly, the way customers were describing it, it doesn’t even seem to taste like coffee (so maybe I’d like actually it, if I ever felt like spending that much on coffee). The words ‘smooth’, ‘aromatic’, ‘fruity’ and ‘butterscotch’ were all thrown around to explain the taste. So there you go.

The cafe boasts eight different Panama-based coffee blends, and their about section claims they’re all about helping you “experience and appreciate the many intricacies coffee has to offer”. So it’s definitely a whole experience, not just your morning pick-me-up.

Look, it all seems batshit to me, but then again people pay outrageous prices for their favourite alcohols, so I guess if coffee is your *thing* it all makes more sense.

I guess it adds a whole new way to indulge yourself next time World Coffee Day rolls around.

(Lead image: Facebook / @Gesha Cafe)

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