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You Can Cross This Terrifying Bridge In Norway, If You Want

You Can Cross This Terrifying Bridge In Norway, If You Want

Um, guys. Please check out this ridiculous suspension bridge and tell us if you would dare to cross it. The correct answer is no. Hell no.

The frightful foot bridge is called Gjølmunnebrua and it’s at Hoven Leon in the Fjord region of Norway. The bridge stretches over a daunting 160 metre canyon, and at 120 metres across, it’s the longest of it’s kind in Europe. We can only assume that it’s awfully wobbly.


The only way to access it is via a bigger track called Via Ferrata (meaning “iron road” in Italian). For most of the six-hour trek you’ll follow a steel cable which is fixed to a cliff fjord rock face every three to ten metres. Climbers are strapped on with a harness and a climbing kit to prevent falls.


Why would anyone think this is a good idea? Oh, right. Those views.

For people who aren’t keen to stare into the face of death, there’ll be a cable car opening this year which will get you up to those amazing view points. That said, it’s also a bit of a hair-raising experience. The cabin will take just five minutes to reach the top of M. Hoven, a 1011 metre peak, making it one of the steepest cable cars in the world. It’s been specially engineered to tackle the extraordinarily steep mountain edge.

The Leon Skylift has been dubbed “one of the greatest and most spectacular tourism projects in Norway” and it officially opens on May 20, 2017.

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If chilling heights aren’t your thing, Hoven Leon has a restaurant with spectacular 210 degree views of mountains, lakes and glaciers. In the summer you can explore the area on foot via a network of hiking trails and in winter, get around by skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing (yes, snowshoeing).

(All photos: Hoven Loen)

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