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Mount Everest Is Getting Free Wi-Fi

Mount Everest Is Getting Free Wi-Fi

If you’ve been planning to delve into the depths of Nepal for an off-the-grid technology detox, think again, because the world’s highest peak is getting free Wi-Fi.

At 5364 metres, the new Wi-Fi network at Mount Everest Base Camp will be the highest free internet service in the world. While our minds automatically jump to the incredible Snapchat and Instagram possibilities, it’s real purpose is more meaningful.

The new Wi-Fi network is being installed by the Nepalese Government to provide vital communication during disasters and rescue missions, helping to save lives on the popular but dangerous hike.


The chairman of Nepal’s Telecommunications Authority has said that second to improvements in disaster operations, they hope that giving trekkers the ability to share their journey on social platforms will result in a spike in tourism. So there’ll be no excuses not to get snap-happy on your remote get-back-to-nature trek.

Previously, the only communication in the region had been via satellite phones, but Nepal telecoms plan to expand mobile and landline coverage as well.

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Photo: Jody McIntyre/Flickr

The network has been careful designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions at Everest, with resilient fibre optic cables and micro wave technology being used.

It will be available first at the the Lukla-Everest and Annapura camps, but there are plans to expand the service across other parts of Mount Everest in the future – maybe even to it’s 8848 metre peak.

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