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You Can Actually Spend A Night At The Museum In London

You Can Actually Spend A Night At The Museum In London

While we’ve all probably seen (or wilfully ignored) those Night At The Museum movies, we reckon it’d actually be pretty sweet to check out a huge historical museum after-hours, when it’s eerily silent and still. Lucky for us, the Natural History Museum in London is letting you do just that – and no, it’s not just for kids.

Children exploring the Natural History Museum at Dino Snores

The aptly named Dino Snores (good one) attraction at London’s NHM lets guests pull and all-nighter inside one of the most exciting and vast exhibitions of natural history in the world.

Natural History Museum Dino Snores event. Guests spend the night in the Dinosaur hall.

The unforgettable sleepover kicks off in the iconic Hintze Hall, where you’ll set up camp next to Dippy the Diplodocus, a mammoth 292-bone skeleton replica of one of the most colossal animals to ever walk the earth.

Guests will then be treated to a little live music, drinks and a three-course dinner as well as diving into a killer treasure hunt across the museum and even sample a range of crunchy edible insects – you know…for science.

Edible insects at Dino Snores for Grown-ups

To top things off, the night includes a bunch of cool talks and lectures about the history of dinosaurs and ends with an all-night monster movie marathon. So awesome.

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A science show at the Natural History Museum Dino Snores for Grown-ups event.

Of course, you’ll also have free reign to explore the galleries and current exhibitions being held at the Natural History Museum after all the regular day-time visitors have gone home.

Prices for Dino Snores for Grown-ups start at £180 ($362AUD) per person.

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