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Attention: You Can Drink Naked in This Pub in London

Attention: You Can Drink Naked in This Pub in London

Norman's Coach and Horse London Pub naked pub in london normans coach and horse pub butt

Drinking beer is great. Being naked is also great. Why, as a society, do we not combine these two blessed things more? Enter the naked pub.

You might not yet be ready to take your shower beer out of the shower and into the streets, but for the first time ever you can sink a refreshing pint in the nude at a stalwart pub in London.

The local’s favourite Norman’s Coach and Horse Pub in Soho is the first pub in London to be granted a nudist license. Upon realising such a thing exists, I will be looking into acquiring one for my place of employ.


Yes, friends, no longer will our beautiful natural states be confined to nude beaches in Greece, onsens in Japan or weird communes you’d never want to visit anyway. Rejoice, and be free of the fabric prisons we’ve been brainwashed into thinking are ‘clothes.’

The pub will be enabling patrons to get their kit off at regularly scheduled events. Why not head down to their nude singalong (old fashioned karaoke) around the ‘old Joanna’ aka the piano in cockney rhyming slang. The Nudist Sing Along Night is on Monday June 10th with no less than a master pianist, performing such gems as “Great Balls of Fire” and “I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.” Pure. Naked. Genius.

Not an image of the pianist. Just Chris.

If nude drinking wasn’t enough, these gorgeous publicans have also produced a charity calendar. It features the pub’s regulars (nude of course) and all proceeds will be going to St Mungo’s, a community housing association supporting those facing homelessness. At this point, it’s basically your duty to get your kit off and have a cold one.

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See the website for Norman’s Coach and Horses for the latest information about upcoming events.

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(Lead image: Norman’s Coach and Horses. Gif via GIPHY.)

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