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And The 15 Best Cities In The World Are…

And The 15 Best Cities In The World Are…

Think you’ve been to the greatest city in the world? Well, seeing as that question is entirely subjective, it’s actually possible. But what do the experts think is the best city in the world? Paris? NYC? Well, according to frequent travellers, it’s probably not where you think.

Travel website Travel+Leisure have just released their World’s Best Awards survey results for 2016, which sees responses from thousands of experiences travellers on their favourite hotels and islands from across the globe. This year they’ve ranked the 15 best cities in the world and the results are, well, sorta unexpected.

So who came out on top? Charleston in South Carolina, in fact.

Charleston, South Carolina.

While this American city might not match up to the splendour and cultural fever of competing cities like Florence or Cape Town, Charleston is a diamond in its own right. Moving up from the number two spot in last year’s poll, Charleston is truly one of a kind – there’s historical battlegrounds to revel in, jasmine-scented trees lining the streets, charming boutiques and beautiful waterfronts at Sullivan’s Island and Folly Beach. As one reader put it, there’s still “no place quite like it.”

The rest of the list was populated by a cities that offer both history and culture as well as exciting cuisines, classy modernity, charming antiquity, and pretty much everything in between. Places like Luang Prabang in Laos, Kyoto in Japan and Beirut in Lebanon made the esteemed list, proving modern travellers are well and truly ready to embrace off-the-beaten path travel.

Arashiyama Monkey Park near Kyoto, Japan.

There were no Aussie cities on this year’s list, but that’s OK. We’re quiet achievers. Grab a pen and do some adjusting – here’s your new bucket list of cities to work through.

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Vivonne Bay, South Australia

#15 Cuzco, Peru
#14 Bangkok, Thailand
#13 Siem Reap, Cambodia
#12 Beirut, Lebanon
#11 Rome, Italy
#10 Cape Town, South Africa
#9 Savannah, Georgia, USA
#8 Barcelona, Spain
#7 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
#6 Kyoto, Japan
#5 Luang Prabang, Laos
#4 Florence, Italy
#3 San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
#2 Chang Mai, Thailand
#1 Charleston, South Carolina, USA

How many have you done? Check off the rest with Qantas. 

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