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NZ Is Selling Off An Entire Wild West Town, And You Could Lasso A Bargain

NZ Is Selling Off An Entire Wild West Town, And You Could Lasso A Bargain

Sometimes something is put out into the universe and it’s not entirely clear why. In the case of the Wild West-themed town currently on sale in New Zealand, however, what is clear is that it can only be a good thing.

What used to be a tourist attraction, Mellonsfolly Ranch is home to an authentic 1860s Wyoming western-themed town, aptly called Old West Town.

If the town itself seems like an odd thing, then just take a gander at the absolutely gorgeous property it’s on. It’s smack-bang in the middle of a a 900 acres of land, surrounded by unspoiled native bush.

“I’m certainly sad to be selling it,” current owner Rob Bartley told Bloomberg. “My family doesn’t really want to sell it, but we’ve got so many other business interests. I’ve got to make some decisions”.

The town was built lovingly between 2002 to 2006 by previous owner, and Bartley’s friend, John Bedogni. He filled it with bits and bods his wife would find on her trips to the U.S.A. giving it the authentic Wild West feel.

“Obviously, he is very much a cowboy enthusiast,” said Bartley. “The whole town was drawn by him, and every inch of it is genuine”. Humble-brag much?

Look I’m just saying, there’s something very appealing about living that American cowboy life — except with the added benefit of the scenery and social stability of New Zealand.

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Now, you can take the whole space over (bring your own cowboy hats) for a cool $7.5 million (about AUD $10.8 million) through New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty. Which ok, I have no idea if it’s a bargain, but the owner reckons business was still booming, he just got over it. Better be quick though, rumour has it a bunch of investors from America are already eyeing it off.

Honestly, would you get a load of this real estate video?

Or, you can just stick to cursed mansions in Melbourne. Whatever floats your boat.

(All Images: Sotheby’s International Realty)

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