There’s A Private Island For Sale In The Whitsundays, And It’s Actually (Kind Of) Not That Expensive

Victor Island Great Barrier Reef

If last year taught us anything, it’s that having your own private island, a self-sufficient escape, is the real dream when the world feels like it’s ending – and Sotheby’s International has a rare listing that’s just the thing. 

Grab a mate or two and go all-in on this private island in the Great Barrier Reef, complete with a helipad, two boats and solar farm, because who are we kidding — owning your own island would be nice at any time in history.

House with solar on Victor Island Great Barrier Reef
Image: Sotheby’s International

Victor Island, a private reef island located off Mackay at the gateway to the Whitsundays, is available for offers between $4.2 to $5.5 million. That’s more affordable than many oceanfront homes in Bondi or Bronte, where your neighbours can easily pop their heads over the fence for a sticky beak. 

In this island scenario, however, you get so much goodness: an eight-acre island with 360-degree panoramic views of the Coral Sea; a modern, renovated four-bedroom, two-bathroom furnished home; a caretaker’s cottage; a veggie garden, mango trees and laying hens; a helipad; solar farm; enormous rainwater storage; a desalination plant; and there’s even a bed and breakfast licence in place if you want to turn this paradise into a business.

Woman on white sand beach on Victor Island in Great Barrier Reef
Image: Sotheby’s International

You have your very own white-sand beach where you can reel in the catch-of-the-day and collect fresh oysters. The island also offers other adventures, like walking trails and snorkelling. 

We haven’t even mentioned the fact that because Victor Island is accessible by boat, chopper and seaplane, the owner decided to throw in two free boats to make the 10-minute ride to Mackay, “simple for new owners,” says 9News

House on Victor Island Great Barrier Reef
Image: Sotheby’s International

Read: You are set up. The hard work on infrastructure has been done. All that’s left to do is turn up with your suitcase, take off your shoes and say hi to your neighbours – sea turtles, schools of dolphins and tropical birds.

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The reef island hideaway feels remote, but is only one kilometre off the Aussie seaboard. The island has been freshly reconstructed with an emphasis on sustainability and is 100 percent off-the-grid where you will live in barefoot luxury.

Check out the full listing here.

(Lead Image: Sotheby’s International)

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