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Aldi Is Releasing A Range Of Quality Hiking Gear Starting From Just $4.99

Aldi Is Releasing A Range Of Quality Hiking Gear Starting From Just $4.99

Aldi has really been turning it UP lately with their Special Buys sales — or maybe lockdown just has me finally paying attention, it’s hard to say.

What isn’t hard to say is that the next Aldi Special Buys sale THIS Saturday July 4 is for all that hiking gear you’re going to need now that we’re desperate for weekends outdoors, even though its winter.

You guys, there are high and low cut hiking shoes for a TINY $29.99. If you’ve never wandered into the world of hiking shoes before, let me promise you that’s a bloody bargain. They have leather uppers and are water resistant for up to 180 minutes — both important things on long hikes during winter.

Then a legit (and responsibly sourced) down, lightweight puffy jacket for only $49.99. See above re: what a bloody bargain. They pack down small too, which you’ll be grateful for when you start filling your pack.

In terms of packs, they’re advertising dry duffel bags for just under $20 and hiking backpacks for $34.99. There’s a whole heap of other clothing necessities like wool blend hiking socks, winter gloves, thermals and track pants starting from a very small $11.99.

In terms of more specialised camping gear, I personally am very excited for the $4.99 head lamp, upscale walkie talkies for $49.99, binoculars for $39.99 and even a fitness watch with GPS for $79.99 which I’m very tempted by considering I spend most of my life lost.

Can you tell I’m getting excited? Because my little hiking heart is beating faster.

Seeing as our planes won’t be flying internationally until at least July next year, I’ve basically been consoling myself by planning elaborate hikes around Australia.

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I’ve already booked Tasmania’s famous Overland Track for 2021, I’m currently compiling a Kakadu bucket list and just about every weekend from now until October is booked with local hikes.

I know, I’m one of ‘those’ people. But if you’re still here reading this chances are high that so are you — so welcome fellow nature nerd.

In summary: good deals, go buy, plan your haul here.

(All Images: Aldi)

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