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You Could Go Live On Your Own Italian Vineyard If You Have A Spare $18.7 Mill

You Could Go Live On Your Own Italian Vineyard If You Have A Spare $18.7 Mill

Several of my daydreams include me wearing a very large-brimmed hat, casually sipping local wine somewhere in Italy under the warm summer sun. There may or not also be a handsome Italian man involved.

Your future vineyards.

It’s not a new thing for Italy to be offering up property to the world, but this new chance to own a Prosecco vineyard, and the villa that resides on it, is just fantasies come true. It’ll cost you a bit over $18.7 million Aussie dollars though, which is less of a dream.

Your future manor, you bougie bitch, you.

It’s not cheap, but you’ll also get a whole 108-hectare property in Friuli-Venezia Giulia — an area near the Slovenian border known for it’s red and white wines. On that property you have the vineyard, 10 separate liveable homes, a 15th-century chapel and a 13-bedroom guest house. Oh, and a pool, which is obviously the second-best part (behind the wine).

Your future pool, to sip wine by and be attended by good-looking pool boys.

In short, you’d basically be lord of the manor, and you should definitely invite me to stay.

Just in case you’re feeling flush, you can find more details on your future home over here on the realtor’s website.

If that’s all feeling a bit out of reach (which is probably all of us), then it’s good news that Australia has some pretty epic wineries of its own and you don’t have to own one to stay and drink at them.

In New South Wales there’s the Hunter Valley, obviously, but you should also check out these other winery-packed areas that are super underrated.

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In Victoria you can even join a winery tour that’ll let you bring your pooch along too (obviously they went virtual over lockdown, so check the website for updates).

Then there’s WA’s Margaret River and SA’s Barossa Valley — look it’s not like we’re left wanting.

(All Images: Christie’s Real Estate)

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