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This Essential Oil Will Make Your Home Smell Like A Fancy Pub If You’re Missing The Action

This Essential Oil Will Make Your Home Smell Like A Fancy Pub If You’re Missing The Action

I’m not going to pretend a classic Aussie pub smells good. It does not. It smells like stale beer that’s been so ingrained into the carpet they’ve actually become one. Yet, when I moved back from living overseas for two years, it was the smell of Aussie pub that really made me feel at home. Go figure.

Now, whether I’d take that feeling so far as to introduce it to my home, I’m not sure, but the option now exists for those of you who want it.

Not long after VB announced their beer-scented fragrance, Scent Australia Home has released their own Whiskey Bar oil for a RRP of $50.

Image: Scent Australia Home

To be fair, I don’t think this is the smell of your regular pub — it’s a cool pub (sorry). According to the website, “this fragrance has top notes of fruity fig, supported by mid notes of wood, sensual amber, and earthy patchouli. With a heart of oak, tobacco, and whiskey this scent is further deepened by its warm base of vanilla, caramel, and musk”.

Which, to be honest, actually sounds kind of delightful.

Besides the oil, the scent also comes in the form of a diffuser for $80 and a room spray for $60. If you’re curious but not willing to commit yet (I feel you, take your time honey) you can get an oil spray 2ml tester for $3 or an oil scent tester strip for $0.50.

Image: Scent Australia Home

If you feel like your home is in need of a general spruce up (it is Spring after all) but you’re on a budget like everyone else in 2020, you’ll be please to know that Big W has released a super in-fashion rattan collection for about a quarter of the usual cost.

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Meanwhile, Kmart has released one of those weighted blankets that’s supposed to calm you to the high heavens for just $49, when they’re usually upwards of $300.

Your house is going to be such a dream.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @scentaustraliahome)

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