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We’ve Found The Tent To End All Tents

We’ve Found The Tent To End All Tents

If your bucket list includes “live in a tent palace”, then boy do I have some great news for you!

Logos, a Japanese camping equipment company, has designed one tent to rule them all, “The Decagon”. The Decagon, which is a serious candidate for the best thing I’ve ever seen, is a set of tent “modules” that can be used individually or linked together to create a dizzying array of camping configurations for various-sized groups.


There are four basic modules: the “decagon link” which serves as a central hub, the “link dome” which can either sleep four people or connect two decagon links, the “car join tarp” which integrates a vehicle into the structure for extra storage space, and the “link screen”, a large unit that can serve as a dining room for up to 16 (!) people.


Each of these modules can be attached in infinite combinations to any of the others using a special fastening system, or used individually. And for a structure that could easily shelter a small village or extended friendship group, it is surprisingly affordable – The Decagon will only run you between $140 and $4500 AUD, so it’s totally reasonable to consider getting one of these instead of re-signing the lease on your (read: my) ramshackle sharehouse.

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