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Is The ‘Dream Sling’ The Answer To Our Travel Sleeping Woes?

Is The ‘Dream Sling’ The Answer To Our Travel Sleeping Woes?

If you’re like every other person in the entire world and find it challenging to sleep on flights, we’ve got good news for you. One Hawaiian company is looking to eliminate our struggles by introducing the Dream Sling.

Designed to perfectly balance your head through the gravitational pull of your folded arms, the Dream Sling is supposed to solve the awkwardness you feel when you have no idea what to do with your arms.

Thank goodness someone’s addressed that, tbqh.

Photo: Dream Sling

The other great part about the Dream Sling is that you can use it absolutely anywhere, making excessively long train rides (or your little brother’s soccer match) much more doable.

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dream sling2
Look at this guy! Get to work, buddy! Photo: Dream Sling/Facebook

The company is currently running a Kickstarter to get the idea off the ground. It looks pretty promising to us, and any tool to help us get some shut eye while we travel is a plus. If you feel really jazzed about the idea, you can donate here.

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