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We Would Live In This Amsterdam Cafe If We Could

We Would Live In This Amsterdam Cafe If We Could

Plants are so amazing; they purify the air, you can eat them to stay alive, and their mere continued presence can even help to overcome depression. Perhaps most important of all, though, plants are total lookers, and they make any landscape in which they feature so much more alluring. Maybe that’s why we can’s stop looking at this beautiful cafe in Amsterdam.


Seriously, it’s perfect.


Wildernis, which opened last year, takes the best bits of outside and brings them inside. The bright airy space is a lush indoor jungle, but with refreshments. They’re on a mission to make Amsterdam greener, and they (rightly) believe that every home, balcony and rooftop in the city should be adorned with a small tangle of plants.

As well as serving cake, coffee and tea, the shop also sells gardening supplies, potting soil, seeds, gardening books and botanical prints. 12239321_769436253167193_8031513145240131833_oThey also host workshops on how to weave macrame plant hangers and how to keep your plants alive. It’s the green dream.


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So whether you’re an urban gardener, a wannabe green thumb or just looking for a time-out from the city, Wildernis is definitely worth a detour on your next Eurotrip.

(Photos: Wildernis/Facebook)

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