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We Went To London’s Cuddle Cafe

We Went To London’s Cuddle Cafe

If 2014’s food trends were kale, quinoa and #cleaneating, 2015 seems to be the year of the novelty café – especially in London. From cereal cafés to pop-up matcha tea bars, the city’s seen just about everything – now including a Cuddle Café where the only currency is hugs. Sign me up.

Opened by biscuit company and creators of chocolate Hob-Nobs (God’s real gift to man) McVities, for two nights last week the Cuddle Café landed in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia to spread a lil’ bit of love. It was essentially free tea, cake and as many biscuits as we could sneak into our thrifty little pockets without being caught – all for the small price of cuddling a soft, albeit terrifyingly Furby-esque McVitie’s owl.

(Photo: Raya Barghouti)

The concept behind the café was that when you give a cuddle, you get the same warm, happy feeling as when you’re drinking a warm beveragini or wolfing down a biscuit or 14 – so the gems at McVitie’s wanted to combine both for the ultimate happy times.

I can’t really think of a better way to while away my Tuesday night, so no complaints here (she says, ripping into another of the stashed Hob-Nobs), although waiting to go in we saw the end snippets of the café’s press launch – where they had real kittens passed around for a bit more love-spreading. REAL. FELINE. CREATURES. I’m outraged. I want a refund on my free tea immediately.

If you missed the Cuddle Café and want to get in on the action yourself, word on the street is that they’re considering expanding it and taking it to different locations throughout the year. Pockets at the ready, mates.

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