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We Should All Live In This Super Mario Bros. Themed Room In Lisbon

We Should All Live In This Super Mario Bros. Themed Room In Lisbon

Vacationing by yourself or with friends can seem awfully grown up sometimes. The budgeting, booking and planning can make you feel like a fully grown pretty quickly. Not to worry though; a slew of nostalgia-laced accommodation options have presented themselves, and the latest will have you throwing on your overalls faster than you can say “Let’s-a go!”

This Nintendo-themed AirBnb is available to rent in Portugal’s capital with the host promising that you’ll be able to “enjoy Lisbon in the geekiest way possible.” Mario and co. adorn the walls, and while the bright video-game colours might remind you of a child’s room, they’re actually somewhat soothing, according to former guests.


The room is equipped with a LCD TV with cable and Netflix, a Wii U with more than 20 games and two Nintendo 3DS with Zelda.


Located in the very cool neighbourhood of São Sebastião da Pedreira, the accommodation also features a Star Wars themed room to really complete the nerd-chic aesthetic.

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Staying in this gamer’s oasis will only set you back $50AUD per night, making it a huge bargain. One guest said he loved the room so much he actually found it hard to sightsee, commenting: “Best Airbnb ever! Even though Lisbon is such a beautiful city, we almost didn’t want to ever leave the accom!”

We just called it by naming Lisbon Europe’s best city, but in case you needed another reason to there, this might just be it.

(All images: Airbnb)

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