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Fiji’s Underwater Sea Resort Looks Set To Be Absolutely Bonkers

Fiji’s Underwater Sea Resort Looks Set To Be Absolutely Bonkers

Well, you know what they say: everything’s better down where it’s wetter.

This underwater sea resort, currently being developed just off a small island in Fiji, looks like something out of a futuristic Disney film. From the other worldly sea-views views to the capsule-like sleeping quarters, this is one to add to the bucket list for sure.

Poseidon Resorts, will have 25 suites as well as a restaurant, bar, gym, and – get this – an underwater wedding chapel. Located 13 metres from the shore in a lagoon, 70 percent of the resort’s building material will be transparent, meaning most of the hotel, including its rooms, will boast panoramic underwater views.

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To access the suites, there’ll be un underwater elevator available from the shore, and the designers are building fish feeders into each suite to ensure guests can always get a show when they want one.

The resort, which is said to have 150,000 potential guests on its waiting list has been 15 years in the making due to the engineering and funding required to pull off such an incredible feat. Costing upwards of $25,000AUD a week, you might just be able to afford it when it opens one day if you pop your name on the list now.
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