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This New Zealand Lodge Is So Exclusive It’s Only Accessible By Chopper

This New Zealand Lodge Is So Exclusive It’s Only Accessible By Chopper

High up in the mountains of New Zealand is a romantic two-person chalet that you can only reach by helicopter. Are you and your significant other/bestie/mum game?

You can be absolutely sure no one will interrupt your getaway at the Minaret Station Alpine Lodge, set on a picturesque mountain top on New Zealand’s south island.


The surrounding area is a hiker’s dream, with stunning views throughout the year. The chalet also boasts exceptional meals and local wines which are included in the price, along with your own private hot tub on the balcony.

If hiking or drinking wine isn’t your jam (who even are you?), you can choose to partake in some heli-skiing, which is exactly what it sounds like: off-trail, downhill skiing, where you’re dropped off by a helicopter. What could be more romantic?


There’s also guided hunting and fishing, as well as other heli-centric adventures on offer for those who love to casually chopper to their nearest activity.

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Perhaps the most special part of these packages though, is the access to the famously elusive Fiordland, the isolated and arguably most stunning part of the sound island.

At $1765AUD per night for the accommodation and $1585AUD per person for the helicopter ride, it’s an expensive foray into the wild, but one worth every penny.


(All photos: Alpine Chalet)

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