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Want To Explore San Francisco On Your Lunch Break?

Want To Explore San Francisco On Your Lunch Break?

Ah, San Francisco. The cosy town of crooked streets, tasty baked treats, Alcatraz and that bridge – this city is surely a site to behold. But you already know that, right? Because San Francisco has been on your radar since year one?

Well, in case you’ve somehow missed this exciting city on your travels of America’s West Coast, you’re certainly not going to forget it now. We here at AWOL were lucky enough to visit this bustling hub and are here to share our must-see sites. While this teeny peninsula wedged between the Bay and the Pacific may seem small, there’s a whole lot of noise happening in this louder-than-life city. Be sure to check out the Palace of Fine Arts, hop on one of those rattling street carts and just wander the grid to find your very own version of Alice’s rabbit hole.

Pro-tip: hire a bike. This city is actually over ten (very hilly) kilometres wide, and though it may seem easy to straight-up hoof your way across town, it’s far quicker if you’re on two wheels. You’ll even get to see the Golden Gate Bridge from a whole new perspective when you’re biking over it.

Check out our guide to San Francisco below – the city that needs no introduction.

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