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Wish You Were Here: Aqua Natura Hotel, Madeira Island

Wish You Were Here: Aqua Natura Hotel, Madeira Island

When browsing the many islands off the coast of Europe, you’ll be inundated by images of picturesque coastlines, grandiose buildings and a bluer-than-blue Adriatic coastline. Nothing quite typifies that iconic European vista quite like Madeira Island. Located off the coast of Portugal, this idyllic island is home to year-round good weather, a subtropical rainforest, delicious cuisine and one of the coolest hotels we’ve ever laid eyes on.


Sitting along Madeira’s north-coast cliff face, the Aqua Natura Hotel brings the best of European beauty and culture right to your door step. It’s located in the town of Porto Moniz, a sea-side village known for its impressive beauty and tourist appeal.

Water-babies can dip right into the ocean, which is just inches away from your hotel room, or jump into the picturesque swimming holes right beside the coast where warm ocean water forms a series of natural pools.


The island is actually known for its adventurous side – if you can peel yourself away from your lounge chair, you’re invited to experience this wondrous mountain region either by foot, or underwater. Diving is like a religion here – almost anywhere across the coast is open to deep sea diving, and you’re even allowed to hop into Madeira Island’s own aquarium for a splash if the wide ocean seems a little full-on.

The island is also known for its wine – one of the world’s best value drops is produced here, so be sure to do a little perusing on your way through the mountains. If none of that takes your fancy, there’s also hiking, golf, surfing, kayaking and a myriad of boat tours on offer across the bay too.


Aqua Natura is equipped with its own spa centre too – a jacuzzi, sauna, gym and massages are all at your disposal.


Possibly the only catch about visiting this rugged island beauty is getting there – the airport on Madeira is famous among pilots as one of the most difficult landings in the world. But don’t worry, it’ll be worth it.

(All images: Aqua Natura Hotel)

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