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This Vintage Caravan & Camping Hotel Is The Coolest Place Ever

This Vintage Caravan & Camping Hotel Is The Coolest Place Ever

If you’re looking to break off from the connected world, run wild and embrace the liberties of living in the desert, then we’ve found the place for you.

(Photo: El Cosmico/Facebook)

In the arty town of Marfa in Texas you can find a 21-acre campground called El Cosmico. Born from a love of vast open spaces, a connection to the land and the collaborative art culture in Marfa, entrepreneur Liz Lambert purchased the expansive land to explore the peaceful landscape and its relationship to the community and their sense of adventure.


Within the campground stands a collection of renovated vintage trailers, a circular all-encompassing yurt, self-camping facilities and the infamous tall teepees. Rooms are all-encompassing, and though Wi-Fi is available in the lobby, you can get pretty far off the grid here. It’s a peaceful and expansive arena set up within the quiet Texan desert and the vintage feel will definitely make you question whether you’ve time-travelled to 1975.

In September, the area hosts the Trans-Pecos Festival of Music + Love which celebrates life, love and artistry with a collection of musical guests, workshops, art installations and even some sandlot baseball games. This year’s festival is held on September 24-27 and will see the likes of Jenny Lewis, Phosphorescent and Ben Kweller join the travelling wanderers at El Cosmico’s make-shift festival site.

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(Lead Image: El Cosmico/Facebook, all other images El Cosmico)

Marfa is a 7-hour drive out of Dallas, fly there with Qantas today. 

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