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Vietnam Is Getting A ‘Castaway’ Resort, And Thankfully It’s Nothing Like The Film

Vietnam Is Getting A ‘Castaway’ Resort, And Thankfully It’s Nothing Like The Film

For those of us born prior to the year 2000, the word ‘castaway’ will always conjure up images of a distressed Tom Hanks, a lonely paradise island and a volleyball named Wilson. But now a Vietnamese architecture firm are reclaiming the word to make you associate it with relaxation.

A secluded bamboo resort is currently under construction in Vietnam to give you all of the Castaway feels without the scream cries and creepy volleyballs. So, just the good bits. It will be a paradise for only you and a few others to enjoy. And who knows, Tom Hanks might even be there. Is he busy? We should check.


Only accessible via a two-hour boat trip through the iconic cliffs of Ha Long Bay, you can find the Vietnam Castaway resort on a private beach in Lan Ha Gulf. There’ll be five huts in total, with a pavilion and a restaurant too.


The huts themselves are being made completely out of traditional Vietnamese bamboo construction techniques in homage to the stunning natural surrounds. The bamboo is rolled in mud, smoked and then bound together with holding rods, giving it exceptional strength and staying power.

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The island resort will accommodate around 160 people at a time and is due to be completed midway through this year. You can read more here.

(All photos: Vo Trong Nghia Architects (VTN Architects))

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