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There Are Secret Caves Full Of Cheese Beneath Brooklyn

There Are Secret Caves Full Of Cheese Beneath Brooklyn

Sometimes it seems like you know a place and then lo and behold, you find out they have an underground cheese cave that they didn’t tell you about. Funny how New York City neighbourhoods, much like people, are full of secrets.

The secret underground cheese lair is called Crown Finish Caves and you can find it in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Located 30 feet underground, the cave holds over 22,000 pounds of cheese.

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Once operating as the Nassaeu Brewing Factory until it closed down in 1916, the team behind the Crown Finish Caves thought they could use the premises for something else that needed a little ageing. The 10 degrees celsius temperature needed to brew beer also works to age cheese. In fact, the specific type of ageing they use is called ‘affinage’, which is when young cheese is purposefully aged. The more you know!

The company isn’t making their own cheese, they just allow other vendors to use the facility to age theirs. Vendors hail from the local precinct, as well as Wisconsin and even Italy. It’s sort of like a cheese farm, or a cheese co-working space. However you want to look at it.

Tours of the cheese caves aren’t available to the public, but every once in a while there are pop up events held in the caves along with beer and wine tastings. Check out their website for more info.

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(Lead photo: Crown Finish Caves / Facebook)

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