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This Instagram Is Guaranteed To Make You A Little Motion Sick

This Instagram Is Guaranteed To Make You A Little Motion Sick

A great landscape photo is good at capturing motion and depth. But for Turkish artist Aydın Büyüktas, the illusion of motion isn’t enough. His photos quite literally feel like they’re transporting you against your will.

Büyüktas travelled across America taking photos of stagnant roads, fields and carparks and warped them into ones that move. So much so, that it’ll make you a little motion sick to look at them. He’s posted these photos on his Instagram, documenting a 10,000 mile trip across the US that resulted in his collection ‘Flatland’. We picked out some of our favourite ones and boy, it really does feel like we embarked on a journey. Sick bags and all. Are you ready?

This first photo looks like it could pass as a satellite image from Mars. Does it make you feel like you’re riding a rollercoaster? But it’s a rollercoaster you have no idea how you got on and you kind of want to get off immediately? Us too.

This one looks seriously apocalyptic, with rows and rows of cars split up by the smattering of people. Maybe they’re zombies? Who knows at this point. 

This one gives you the feeling you’re about to ascend and descend all at once. It’s almost paralysing.

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Surprisingly, the symmetry of this bridge is oddly satisfying. One clear path and you’re over the other side! Woopee! It’d (almost) be a fun ride if it wasn’t so vomit-inducing.

There you go. Hope you didn’t get too motion sick. We sure did.

(Lead photo: aydinbuyuktas/Instagram)

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