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You Can Buy Lamps Made From Actual Baked Goods And We Need One Immediately

You Can Buy Lamps Made From Actual Baked Goods And We Need One Immediately

It’s no secret that baked goods are lit, but one designer took that sentiment further by actually lighting up our favourite carbs.

I’ve learned a lot from TikTok in 2020, and a Japanese designer’s genius bready creations popping on my radar this week is icing on the cake.

To the joy of paniphiles everywhere, Yukiko Morita’s Pampshade crafts glowing baguettes, boules, batards, croissants and more from actual leftover bakery goods.

The project began as a way for Morita to combat the immense amount of food waste she saw while working as a baker. With so much unsold bread constantly thrown out from the bakery, a sight she “couldn’t bear,” rescuing the discarded bread to give it new life as art is a revelation.

Equal parts kitsch, cute and neutral, the lamps have personality while fitting in anywhere. But even though these lighting fixtures are made from the real deal, you can’t eat them – they’re coated in an epoxy resin to preserve their beautiful ‘oven kissed’ golden hues and prevent the bread lamps spoiling.


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The soft lighting makes them excellent to create a ~mood~ or as a perfect nightlight and because they’re made from real bread, no two lamps are the same.

“Each unique lamp is handmade from 100% real artisanal bread, baked to illuminate your life and warm your heart,” says the website. Cute.

How does she do it? Morita hollows out fresh loaves and other baked goods, fills them with LED lights or battery packs and then covers them with resin to seal all the goodness in.

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And you can be sure Morita uses every part of a pastry – those hollowed out insides go towards her own cooking projects or new products for sale, like croutons.

Even if you don’t want to buy a lamp for fear of being in a state of constant carb craving, having a read of the Pamshade story will give you the serotonin boost you need today.

Morita’s passion for all things baked is clearly evident in adorable Japanese-to-English translations, like, “the delicious light of bread gently illuminates you,” which sounds like a directive from a priest and tbh, feels right. Sign us up for the Church of Bread.

Prices start from AU$79 and they ship internationally.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @pampshade)

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