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Crack Open A Cold One And Check Out These Very Cool T-Shirts From Australian Craft Breweries

Crack Open A Cold One And Check Out These Very Cool T-Shirts From Australian Craft Breweries

Find a country better at craft breweries than Australia, I’ll wait. I love a good Sunday sesh in a brewery courtyard, but sometimes their merchandise can rival their beer as a reason to visit.

Of course, you can buy the shirt without visiting the brewery, but why not use it as a way to create your great Aussie craft beer bucket list?

I have friends who collect brewery swag like they’re band shirts, and honestly I can see why. So I’ve spent a leisurely afternoon looking around for the best craft beer swag around the country and ranked them. I know, it’s very important editorial work, and you’re all welcome.

#1 Black Hops, QLD

These guys get a thousand brownie points for not being constrained by the old classic t-shirt. Flannies and button-ups? That’s my bloody vibe.

Score: 20 / 10

Buy them here.

#2 The Grifter, NSW

This is some peak 60s hippy nonsense in a beer tee, and I’m here for it: from little daisies, to smiling suns, to that coloured trim on the neckline and sleeves look.

Score: Peace and love / 10

Buy them here.

#3 Balter, QLD

Ok these tees are CUTE. They had me at beer can on a pool floaty, but honestly all their shirt designs are spot on. Even the classic logo is nice, for the sophisticated beer nerd.

Score: Quirky/10

Buy them here.

#4 Capital Brewing Co, ACT

The designs are super cool, but extra points for using sustainable recycled cotton jersey and sneaking little Canberra icons into the details.

Score: Actual art/10

Buy them here.

#5 Hop Nation, VIC

I’m digging these shirts for their subtly, so you can throw one on at work or the at the family gathering without people being concerned for your beer passion.

Score: Sneaky/10

Buy them here.

#6 Stomping Ground, VIC

These guys got me for the vintage feel of their ‘Ticket’ tee, but also for a design expressing my love for craft beer. They have some cool hats too, if you’re looking.

Score: Vintage vibes/10

Buy them here.

#7 Young Henry’s, NSW

The Young Henry’s merch has always felt very biker-esque to me, along the lines of those Harley Davidson tees. Could it be because one of them literally says “motorcycle oil”? Maybe. They’re very cool though, if that’s your vibe.

Score: Biker vibes / 10

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Buy them here.

#8 Gage Road, WA

Simple, sleek and bloody cute, is how I’d describe this merch. Perfect for the craft beer nut who doesn’t really do logos, but enjoys showing their support.

Score: Classy / 10

Buy them here.

#9 Moondog Brewery, QLD

So they only have one t-shirt design in two different colours, but much like their beer cans it’s fun, psychadelic and I dig it.

Score: Psychedelic / 10

Buy them here.

#10 Willie And The Boatman, NSW

I’m really just here for the ‘Float All Boats’ logo, it tickles me. However the regular logo shirt is also very classicly cool, it looks more like a band shirt.

Score: Shiver me timbers / 10

Buy them here.

(Lead Image: Balter Brewing / Moondog Brewery)

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