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Buying Uniqlo’s Cheap Cashmere Is About To Be A Whole Lot More Convenient

Buying Uniqlo’s Cheap Cashmere Is About To Be A Whole Lot More Convenient

For the vast majority of people, airport wear errs on the comfortable side of style, but it’s about to be a whole lot easier to make it look like you made an effort: Uniqlo, beloved Japanese purveyor of sleek basics and cheap cashmere, has revealed plans to install clothing vending machines in airports and shopping centres across the US.

At least 10 of the vending machines are expected to open in high-foot-traffic cities like New York, Oakland and Houston, with the international terminals at JFK Airport looking like a sure thing, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“At the airport, you don’t have a lot of time to wait in line and explore a store,” Uniqlo’s US marketing chief Marisol Tamaro explained, adding that the brand’s ever-popular thermal wear and lightweight down jackets will be dispensed in cans and boxes, with just a few clicks between product selection and receipt.

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The best thing is that Uniqlo’s  regular returns policy applies to items sold in the vending machines, so they can easily be returned or exchanged if you get overzealous.

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It’s not the first time the retailer has used vending machines to sell its wares, but it does have the potential to become a permanent fixture. There’s no word yet on whether the retailer plans to roll out a similar scheme here in Australia, but fingers crossed we’ll be blessed by the Gods of convenience in the near future.

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