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The World’s Biggest Flower Display Is In The Middle Of The Dubai Desert

The World’s Biggest Flower Display Is In The Middle Of The Dubai Desert

Dubai is an exceptional city known for it’s unique attractions. From shopping centre skiing to the world’s tallest building, there are a lot of extraordinary places to explore. The Dubai Miracle Garden, however, is unmatched in its magnificence.

With over 45 million flowers across 18 acres of desert-bound land, it claims to be the largest arrangement of flowers in the world. This seemingly endless floral jungle is a magical space to be explored.

A hidden wonderland

Perhaps what is most peculiar about the park is its location in the middle of Dubai’s desert land.

Love Is In The Air

Opening on Valentine’s Day in 2013, love has inspired the garden’s creators, with heart-shaped arrangements, including enormous heart-shaped arches, sprawling across the grounds.

Bouquets in bloom

The garden took 60 days and 400 helping hands to create, featuring over 60 different varieties of flowers, some exclusive to the Middle East.

Rose-covered rooftops

Arrangements of flowers make up what looks like an entire neighbourhood, featuring life-size houses and even flowerpot residents.

Astonishing archways

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If visitors are ever in need of a break in the shade, the flowers have you covered — literally — as beautiful flowerbeds create marvellous shaded archways.


This garden certainly has it all, with flowers shaped from flowers.

Dubai Miracle Garden operates on a seasonal basis, and will once again open its doors to visitors on November 1, 2017, through May 31, 2018. Entry is $13 (40DHS) per person.

(All images: Dubai Miracle Garden)

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