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The World’s Fastest Roller Coaster Zip-Line Has Landed In Western Sydney

The World’s Fastest Roller Coaster Zip-Line Has Landed In Western Sydney

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Adrenaline junkies travel far and wide for the ultimate thrill, but did you know that a world-class zip-line exists in our very back yard? Believe it, baby! Treetops Western Sydney in the Western Sydney Parklands has added a 500m, high-speed zip-line rollercoaster to its catalogue of above-ground activities.

The adventure park’s management is calling the zip-line the world’s fastest of its kind.


The brand-new, scary as hell, Crazy Rider Xpress at Treetops Western Sydney isn’t for the faint hearted, reaching speeds of up to 50km per hour – equal to 2.3 g-force. Rather fast when you consider that astronauts experience around three g-force when being launched into outer space.


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The new ride owes its high speeds to the harness-and-pulley system design, which allows riders to move smoothly and quickly along the track. Prepare to be thrown up and down, side to side and brace yourself for a few 360-degree loops. Ooft!

You’ll find Tree Tops Adventure Park is just an hour’s drive from Sydney’s CBD, nestled among Western Sydney Parklands. It’s the biggest urban park in Australia and is ­certainly worth checking out.


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Even if you don’t consider yourself too much of a daredevil, Western Sydney Parklands is home to some incredible cycling and walking tracks, picnic areas, and even holds a bunch of cool events throughout the year.

Check out the Western Sydney Parklands website to check out what’s on.

How to get to Treetops Western Sydney

  • Fly Qantas to Sydney
  • Take the T8 towards Macarthur Via Wolli Creek to Glenfield
  • Take the 2 towards City Circle Via Granville to Liverpool Station
  • Take the 806 towards Parramatta to Bancroft Road after Kingston Place
  • Walk 1.6km
  • TreeTops Western Sydney, Parklands — 749 Elizabeth Dr, Abbotsbury
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(Lead image: Treetops Western Sydney)

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