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Indonesia’s Newest Hotel Is On The Side Of A Cliff

Indonesia’s Newest Hotel Is On The Side Of A Cliff

Padjajaran Anyar

Hotels are great, but where’s the fun in being firmly planted on the earth’s surface? If you’re seeking some adrenalin on your next overnight stay, check out Padjajaran Anyar, Asia’s very first hanging hotel.

You’ll find the “sky lodges” on west Java’s Mount Parang, around a three-hour drive from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. However, the drive is just half the journey, you’ll find your actual accommodation anywhere between 400m and 900m up the cliff face.

To get to your cabins, there are two options: via ferrata (essentially, a steel ladder), or via a zip-line, which runs alongside the mountain. Don’t worry if you don’t possess alpine experience as staff are on hand to supervise guests at all times.

The rooms aren’t the biggest, but are totally transparent, boasting stunning and uninterrupted views across Java. Being 900m up in the skies doesn’t mean you’ll be roughing it, either — each of the cabins are kitted out with a bathroom, electricity and even air-conditioning.

Think you can hack it? Rates at Padjajaran Anyar start at $570 (IRP5,000,000) per night. You can book your stay online.

(Lead image: @badegaparang / Instagram) 

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