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There’s An App To Help Beat Jet Lag

There’s An App To Help Beat Jet Lag

There’s plenty of theories out there that claim to best beat jet lag – drink heaps of water, drink heaps of booze, over sleep, under sleep, and so on. Of course, none of these come backed up with any serious scientific authority, so you’ve gotta take them with a grain of salt.

Been there, sister.

Next time you’re fighting to keep your eyelids open and your face from falling into a plate of mashed potato, we’ll gleefully be that jerk assuring you that “there’s an app for that”. Enter the JetLag app.

This particular product focuses on gradually altering your sleeping habits before your trip to soften the blow when you wake up on Monday morning convinced that it’s still Saturday night. It’ll work to sync your biological clock so you’re not sleepy or hungry at inappropriate times of the day.


All you have to do it punch in your travel dates, destination and regular sleeping hours and it’ll come back with personalised alarm clocks to help you when you’re travelling over multiple timezones.

Find more info on the app here, and god speed fellow traveller.

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