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Melbourne, These Free Apps Will Help You Figure Out Which Friends Are In Your 25km Radius

Melbourne, These Free Apps Will Help You Figure Out Which Friends Are In Your 25km Radius

Since midnight last night, Melbourne’s lockdown restrictions eased to allow residents to travel in a 25-kilometre radius from their homes to meet up to 10 people (for wine and cheese, perhaps) from a maximum of two households in the great outdoors — hurray for progress!

Obviously everyone is itching to go on a mini adventure and see something different after so long in lockdown, and Google Maps can help you work out where you can go. However, to get the full radius around your home in one go, you’ll want to check out these two apps.

KM From Home lets you type in your address then get an easy circle around your home clearly showing the areas, amenities and even friends who are in your 25-kilometre limit. You can even add a pin for your friend to find out exactly which point the two of you can go meet up in.


Image: KM From Home

The other is the RonaRadius app, which works in more or less the same way. Plug in your address, as well as the destination you’re hoping to go to, and it’ll tell you if it’s a go or not. You can save your home destination as well, to track if you’re still within your allowed zone as you go.

Two good options, and we have to love any app that will make 2020 easier for us.

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As well as the distance change, there will be no time limit on being outside, tennis courts, golf courses and skateparks will re-open, you can finally get your hair done by the professionals and more that you can find here.

From 11.59pm on Sunday, November 1, restrictions are set to ease further, with retail stores and drive-in cinemas also re-opening, some sports, and up to 20 people at outdoor events being allowed. Check out the complete changes on the Victorian Government website.

(Lead Image: Unsplash / Linda Xu)

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